Monday, October 17, 2016

| Quoted & Noted #12 |

|Let my eyes see your kingdom shine all around 
Let my heart overflow with passion for your name
Let my life be a song, revealing who you are
For you are salt and light.|
-Lauren Daigle

With the transition into autumn, it's hard not to see God's amazing love poured into the creation that surrounds us. We should be the same way. We should shine so much with God's love for us that it's impossible for people around us to not know we are His. So starting today, "let our lives be a song" revealing our one and only Savior. Have a great week everyone:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

| Quoted & Noted #11 |

I am so blessed. And most of the time, I don't even notice that I am. I'm too caught up in what everyone else has and what I don't. My mind makes me think that everyone else's life is so much easier. That everything is handed to them on a silver platter. But it's not.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

| Where Have I Been? |

So some of you are probably wondering where I've been for the last..oh..4 MONTHS... Yes, I did go MIA, and no, I really don't have a good excuse. School got the best of me, and I also got a job. So to put it lightly, I've been busy. But, I'm back, hopefully for a while:)

When I started in January, I put myself on a tough, and strict schedule. I was putting up blogs 3 days a week! And while I wish I could say I'm starting that again..I can't. Although, I do promise to be putting up content at least once a week. I've missed writing so much. This was a great outlet for me, and I'm so happy to be back!

Leave comments below of any blog posts you'd like to see me do!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

| Dream Destination |

So for as long as I can remember I have wanted to go to Paris. I know, I know it's a very cliche destination, but I really want to travel there. Not only to take in the breath taking view of the Eiffel Tower, but also to enjoy the other sites Paris contains.

Such as...
The Louvre - A historic museum with a collection of the most famous works of art! I would love to explore this museum and see all the pieces of art that I have studied in school!
Notre Dame Cathedral - One of the first Gothic cathedrals ever built. This cathedral is honestly breath taking, and to just stand in front of a historic building with so much history would be an opportunity of a lifetime.
Champs-Elysées - The most famous streets in Paris. Full of shops, theaters, and cafes. I love shopping, and I think being able to do that in Paris, France, would be a dream!
Versailles Palace - One of the world's most famous palaces. I would absolutely die if I could explore this palace, and walk where royalty walked, and see where they lived their lives.

I know there are plenty more attractions that Paris has to offer, but that would be a very long post. However, comment below what you would want to visit if you got the chance to travel to Paris or any location for that matter. Also leave suggestions for future Dream Destination posts!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

| Quoted & Noted #10 |

Not everyone in this world is going to love you. That's a fact. It's something we all have to get used to because it's a part of life.  However, there is someone that will love you no matter what, and that is JESUS!

If you're ever feeling down about yourself, you feel lonely, or worthless, know that Jesus still loves you. He loves you even though you're a sinner. He loves you even though you're a liar. He loves you even though you're a cheater. He loves you despite all your imperfections and flaws. 

Wanna know why? God sent Jesus to lay down his life for us. He died in our place. And then rose again after three days. And now he's in heaven preparing a place for us. I think that even on your worst day, this truth will cheer you up. So always remember that JESUS LOVES YOU! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

| Quoted & Noted #9 |

I think one of the biggest fears of people nowadays (including myself), is the fear of being judged. Whether it's for the clothes you wear, the words you say, or even the dreams you hope to accomplish. While I myself have this fear, I don't truly understand why.

Why should we care what other people think of us? Most of the time those people aren't even our friends, so why should we give them the time of day? A lot of times, when we fear the thought of someone judging us, in actuality they aren't even doing it. Sadly, most people are too self absorbed or self involved to even care about what someone else is doing. 

We are our own worst critic. We judge ourselves more then everyone else combined. We need to stop worrying about what other people think.  If you want to start a blog, START A BLOG! If you want to start your own business, START YOUR OWN BUSINESS! If you want to follow your dreams, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! Because at the end of the day, it's what you think that truly matters.

Sometimes it's hard to do what you want to do because it might mean creating your own path. It might mean going against what the majority is doing. Because of that, yes, you will get glares and scoffs, but those people don't matter. Most likely they are just jealous because they didn't have the gumption to do it themselves.

Monday, February 23, 2015

| Quoted & Noted #8 |

I think it's becoming harder and harder to live in the present. We either are dwelling on our past or worried about our future, and we never take the time to live in the here and now. We never take the time to enjoy the present moment. That's a problem.

What I think has made this even harder is technology. Nowadays, everyone is on their phone trying to capture the moment so they can share it on social media. We're living our lives through a camera lens, and it's spinning out of control. 

What we need to do is put down the phone. Enjoy the moment. Live for the here and now. Don't do things because you know it will get a lot of likes on Instagram and Twitter.  The whole world doesn't need to know every time you do something amazing, because some things should remain personal. That's what makes them special.