Sunday, January 11, 2015

| Details in the Fabric #1 |

So I have a really big interest in interior design and decorating, and I hope to possibly pursue it as a career one day. But for right now, I decided to start a series in which I create collages of living rooms, bedrooms, etc. l will be designing them all using the app Polyvore, which I really recommend getting by the way!

Hopefully this series gives you inspiration for your living spaces, or just eye candy of what your dream home would look like! I know I personally wouldn't be able to afford a whole new room design, but it's nice to gain ideas that you can build off on. 

This particular design is basically what I would want my future home to look like. I love light blue and dark wooded furniture, and incorporating modern design with a rustic feel.

Leave comments below on themed rooms you'd like me to create, or any design ideas you'd like me to incorporate in future posts!