Monday, January 19, 2015

| Quoted & Noted #3 |

For the majority of my life, I've gone to school. Every year, 9 months are taken up by teachers giving me and all my other classmates assignments and projects. Even though all of us are at different levels of intelligence, with different minds that work in various ways, we're all put in the same room, with the same curriculum that's taught in the same way.

Now for some, this way of learning works for them, they're able to be taught in this manner, and gain insight and intelligence from it. However, for others this way of teaching doesn't work. They aren't able to learn in this type of environment. Maybe they are taught better by doing, or by visuals, or anything other then what they're being taught now. And since these students aren't capable  of learning this way, they end up not doing well in school, and in turn are called "stupid". 

I honestly don't think anyone is genuinely stupid. I think all people have their own niche that they are knowledgeable in. That they can teach anyone about, and absolutely love for their whole life. But, when you're in school and all being taught at the same level about the same things and in the same way, you start to think that maybe you're not smart at all. That maybe you're not cutout for anything in life besides a desk job. But you have to realize that is not true. You are talented in so many ways, and maybe you haven't even discovered them yet. We all have different walks in life, different roads to our "successes", and no one can take that from you. No one can judge you for not be able to do something, because even though you can't do that one thing, you're able to do so much more.

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