Monday, February 2, 2015

| Quoted & Noted #5 |

I think comparison has always been a problem in American culture. We thrive on seeing if we can beat our classmate, colleague, or neighbor. We're constantly weighing each others accomplishments and faults, and never truly being happy.

I think it's a problem that everyone has. We look in the mirror and only see our negative (or what we think to be negative) qualities. We compare ourselves to people who we think have everything, but in actuality they're most likely doing the same thing.

What everyone has to realize is that we all are unique and possess different talents and qualities. What you may be amazing at doing, your friend may not be able to do at all, and vice versa. So why do we waste precious time contemplating how much better everyone else has it? Instead you need to take a  closer look at your own life and realize all the blessings that have been shed upon you. If more people start doing that, I think true happiness will start spreading like wildfire.

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