Monday, February 23, 2015

| Quoted & Noted #8 |

I think it's becoming harder and harder to live in the present. We either are dwelling on our past or worried about our future, and we never take the time to live in the here and now. We never take the time to enjoy the present moment. That's a problem.

What I think has made this even harder is technology. Nowadays, everyone is on their phone trying to capture the moment so they can share it on social media. We're living our lives through a camera lens, and it's spinning out of control. 

What we need to do is put down the phone. Enjoy the moment. Live for the here and now. Don't do things because you know it will get a lot of likes on Instagram and Twitter.  The whole world doesn't need to know every time you do something amazing, because some things should remain personal. That's what makes them special.