Saturday, March 14, 2015

| Dream Destination |

So for as long as I can remember I have wanted to go to Paris. I know, I know it's a very cliche destination, but I really want to travel there. Not only to take in the breath taking view of the Eiffel Tower, but also to enjoy the other sites Paris contains.

Such as...
The Louvre - A historic museum with a collection of the most famous works of art! I would love to explore this museum and see all the pieces of art that I have studied in school!
Notre Dame Cathedral - One of the first Gothic cathedrals ever built. This cathedral is honestly breath taking, and to just stand in front of a historic building with so much history would be an opportunity of a lifetime.
Champs-Elysées - The most famous streets in Paris. Full of shops, theaters, and cafes. I love shopping, and I think being able to do that in Paris, France, would be a dream!
Versailles Palace - One of the world's most famous palaces. I would absolutely die if I could explore this palace, and walk where royalty walked, and see where they lived their lives.

I know there are plenty more attractions that Paris has to offer, but that would be a very long post. However, comment below what you would want to visit if you got the chance to travel to Paris or any location for that matter. Also leave suggestions for future Dream Destination posts!!