Monday, March 2, 2015

| Quoted & Noted #9 |

I think one of the biggest fears of people nowadays (including myself), is the fear of being judged. Whether it's for the clothes you wear, the words you say, or even the dreams you hope to accomplish. While I myself have this fear, I don't truly understand why.

Why should we care what other people think of us? Most of the time those people aren't even our friends, so why should we give them the time of day? A lot of times, when we fear the thought of someone judging us, in actuality they aren't even doing it. Sadly, most people are too self absorbed or self involved to even care about what someone else is doing. 

We are our own worst critic. We judge ourselves more then everyone else combined. We need to stop worrying about what other people think.  If you want to start a blog, START A BLOG! If you want to start your own business, START YOUR OWN BUSINESS! If you want to follow your dreams, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! Because at the end of the day, it's what you think that truly matters.

Sometimes it's hard to do what you want to do because it might mean creating your own path. It might mean going against what the majority is doing. Because of that, yes, you will get glares and scoffs, but those people don't matter. Most likely they are just jealous because they didn't have the gumption to do it themselves.